Yogurtland Stamp Card

The Yogurtland Stamp Card is a rewards program that entitles card holders to receive $5 off after earning 9 stamps. Receive a stamp for every $5 spent at Yogurtland. Transactions less than $5 will not earn a stamp.

Visit any Yogurtland location to receive a Yogurtland stamp card, no purchase required. Present your stamp card at time of purchase. You will receive 1 Yogurtland stamp for every $5 spent. After receiving 9 stamps on your card, you will get $5 off on your next spend of $5 and over.

If your stamp card is lost or stolen, we can easily get you a new card but unfortunately, there is no way to recover the stamps from the lost card. We reserve the right to discontinue our stamp card program at any time. We may change the terms of the stamp card program at any time including minimum spend and redemption rules.