What is Matcha?

Matcha Green Tea has rich history in both Japan and China. Matcha leaves are ground into a fine, green powder and have a distinct umami taste, different from the subtle flavour of more common green tea. Traditionally, matcha is served hot but these days, its used in a variety of ways, so, we thought: why not frozen?

Why Matcha?

Not all green tea is created equal! Matcha green tea is a cut above the rest and, in addition to tasting great, has lots of benefits.

Rich in antioxidants
A proven mood booster 
Produces a natural sense of alertness
Detoxifies and strengthens the immune system
Relaxes your mind & body

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Shake it up!

Try this recipe for the ultimate matcha cup:

Matcha Strawberry Shake
Swirl Matcha Vanilla Latte with Fresh Strawberry. Top with vanilla biscuit crumb, fresh cut strawberries, and a strawberry wafer.