What snacks do you reach for when the moon is high and the lights are low? For us, we're grabbing a leftover slice of boysenberry pie, a bite of chocolate toffee, a piece of butterscotch, or a chunk of caramel almond bar. Everything tastes better under the soft glow of the refrigerator light! 




What on earth is a boysenberry, you say? The bright purple-red berry has its finger in all the pies, being a cross between the raspberry, blackberry, dewberry, and loganberry.

You may know a boysenberry best as a Knott’s Berry Farm speciality, with Walter Knott commercially cultivating the berry first in Southern California. But now you can taste the sweet berry flavour in the form of Frozen Yogurt with Yogurtland's delish new flavour, Boysenberry Pie!




Who doesn’t love a sneaky after dark treat? The best kind is when it’s free! We’re giving you six chances to win Yogurtland, plus movie and streaming vouchers, over the next few weeks.

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