Yogurtland Gift Card Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the general terms of our Yogurtland Gift Cards in Australia as well as the legal terms regarding the gift card including Yogurtland Australia’s right to make changes to the conditions of the Gift Card.

By purchasing and using a Yogurtland Gift Card, you agree to the terms outlined here:

Your Yogurtland Gift Card: A Yogurtland Gift Card is issued to you at a Yogurtland Australia location and can be used for future purchases at participating Yogurtland stores (henceforth referred to as “stores”). The card is loaded with a dollar value which is a pre-payment of goods for sale at stores. The card should be treated as cash and cannot be replaced if it is lost or stolen. This card is unlike a credit card as there is not protection or account associated with it and the value of the card is not insured or protected by Yogurtland or any other entity. The card cannot be refunded for cash nor credit.

Yogurtland reserves the right to not accept a Yogurtland Gift Card for any reason. All stores will both accept and sell Gift Cards, but we reserve the right to amend this at any time. Certain locations may cease selling and redeeming Gift Cards at any time. There are no fees associated with the purchasing, activation, or use of the Yogurtland Gift Card.

Gift Cards can be loaded with a dollar value (AUD) through the Yogurtland POS system using cash or EFTPOS. Cards must be loaded with a minimum value of $10 and cannot exceed $100. Yogurtland reserves the right to change the minimum and maximum values at any time and will notify purchasers at the point of sale or in these terms and conditions.

A receipt documenting the amount loaded on to the Gift Card can be issued at time of purchase. Keep the receipt to document the purchase and balance of the card. If you wish to check the balance of the card, take the card in to a participating Yogurtland store to be checked at the point of sale.

Yogurtland Gift Cards have a 3-year expiry from date of purchase. At time of purchase, write the date onto the back of the card in the space provided. The card will no longer be valid after the date of expiration and unable to be used at any Yogurtland store. The expired card will not be refunded nor renewed for any time.

We reserve the right to update the balance, extend the expiry, or make any other changes to your Gift Card as deemed appropriate by Yogurtland Australia. 

In the event you have a question or concern regarding your Yogurtland Gift Card, you should visit your local store or contact us through our website: yogurtlandaustralia.com.au/say-hello including your name, card number, and query.

Yogurtland Australia reserves the right to update, change, or revoke these terms at any time, including any rights of the Gift Card holder. We will announce any updates on our website and, unless otherwise stated, the updates will apply to both future and existing Yogurtland Gift Cards.


Still have some questions? You will find our frequently asked questions here.

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