We've switched up our Topping Bar to give everyone peace of mind in these uncertain times. Rather than our usual self-serve style, our toppings will be available to purchase in pre-packed bags and cups so you'll still be able to top off your favourite flavours with the best treats.




Mini Mix

A kid-sized scoop of mixed lollies


3 of our famous Brownie bites

Cookie Dough

A scoop of our famous Cookie Dough bites


A selection of individually packed fan-favourite flavours

Mixed Bursts

3 Bursts mixed together​

Mixed Lollies

A mixed selection of fan-favourite lollies

Mixed Chocolate

A mixed selection of fan-favourite chocolate toppings

Chocolate/Caramel Mix

A mixed selection of caramel and chocolate toppings

Mixed Cake Bites

A mix of our famous Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, and Brownie bites

Mega Mix

A combo of the Mixed Lollies, Mixed Chocolate, and Choc/Caramel mix


Not pre-packed but still available! We'll top your cup with a colourful shower of Sprinkles as part of our full-service topping range.


Not pre-packed but still available! Choose from Nutella, Magic Shell, Chocolate, Caramel, and Passionfruit. We'll squeeze Sauce onto your cup as part of our full-service topping range. *Sauce availability may vary by store.

*In addition to increased sanitation measures, all Yogurtland stores will be practicing social distancing with 1 person per 4 square meters allowed in a store at one time. 

The pre-packed toppings will be available for set prices at the discretion of Yogurtland Australia and for a limited time only. Yogurtland will seek the advice of local councils, the government, and health authorities before returning to the traditional self-serve topping bar.


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