They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. So, we started our own dairy to make sure our frozen yogurt is the tastiest, safest, and highest-quality around. 

We're pretty proud of our flavours and spend a lot of time to make sure we get each one right. All of our flavour bases - sweet, tart, no sugar added, sorbet, and coconut milk - are processed at our Yogurtland dairy. It hasn't been easy to create more than 200 craveable flavours over the years but we've managed to make each one more delicious than the last by controlling the entire process at our Yogurtland dairy! 

Our dedicated flavourologists source ingredients from their original locations which means we're using the best of the best in our recipes. We've put he highest quality vanilla beans from Madagascar into our Madagascar Vanilla Bean frozen yogurt and use the finest macadamias from Australia in our White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie flavour. We never compromise taste for cost - that’s why our Pistachio frozen yogurt is made with real Pistachio nuts and it’s the same reason why you can see seeds in our Fresh Strawberry frozen yogurt: we use real ingredients to make real good flavours.

We know, we know, our frozen yogurt tastes so good it's got to be ice cream, right? Nope! We promise, we're serving up frozen yogurt choc-full of live and active cultures and probiotics. Fear not our lactose-intolerant and dairy-free friends, we have your backs too! We have a whole range of dairy-free options so you can still treat yo'self! Our sorbets are dairy-free, light and refreshing while our coconut milk-based flavours give you the creamy taste of frozen yogurt without any dairy. 

It's important to us that anyone can enjoy Yogurtland so we're dedicated to catering to as many dietary requirements we can. In addition to dairy-free, most of our flavours are gluten-free and we have a variety of no sugar added flavour options. 

We're in the business of creating happiness here at Yogurtland and we guarantee that the one thing we sell - frozen yogurt - will always make you smile!